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“Sensual, paranormal romances, both historical and contemporary settings."
DARKFEST by Amanda Ashley - Lord Darkfest has been alone for 300 years. He hasn't been attracted to a woman in all that time, until he hears Channa sing. A powerful wizard, he agrees to save the life of her mother if Channa will spend a year with him. Good characters, a magical setting and romance. Perfect ingredients for a love story in another world.

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Exciting paranormal anthology"
"Darkfest" by Amanda Ashley. Before the scribing of history, the Wizard Darkfest desires peasant Channa Leigh. He offers to save her dying mother's life in exchange for Channa staying with him at his remote castle for a year. Channa will do anything for her beloved mother even living with the devil.
This quartet of supernatural romantic novellas contains strong tales that sub-genre fans will fully treasure due to the fervent lead protagonists, enhanced by deep secondary characters.
Harriet Klausner

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5 stars
Darkfest by Amanda Ashley In order to save her mother's life Channa Leigh must face her worst fear. She will live with Lord Darkfest as his servant for a year. But it is the darkness and rumors that surround this nobleman that cause her fear. Blinded by illness, Channa Leigh is approached one night as she sings to the village. When she touches the wolf, she is able to see. What power does the wolf have and how is Lord Darkfest involved? You've got to read it to find out the details of this wonderful tale.
Melissa Alvarez

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Romance Junkies said:
AMANDA ASHLEY’s novel, DARKFEST, explores what happens when the darkness
of a lone wizard meets the light of a maiden who has been blind from birth. The effect they have on each other creates a love that transcends both their worlds and takes them on an adventure into another world.
Dorine Linnen

* * *
This was different from what I’ve read of Amanda Ashley in the past. Though this had a completely different plot, it stayed true to her unique style of writing. I enjoyed the storyline a lot and the characters were well-written. I tend not to read stories with magic in them, but this kept me captivated. Darkfest was an interesting character and I would have even maybe liked to see him in a full-length book. He had so much depth and mystery to his character that I found myself wanting to read more to find out what made him so special.

I really liked how Darkfest was able to shape-shift and had seemingly boundless powers. It was really creative and it made me want to read more. The descriptions were beautiful and they had the power to transport me that only really good writing can—though it was less than 100 pages. I’ll be sure to read more of Ashley’s work in the future.
Kelsey Swanson

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Handsome and sensual, surrounded by an aura of danger, mystery and the forbidden, a lover steps from the shadows. But is he mortal? Or is he an ancient god, a sorcerer, or a mythical beast who ca possess a woman's heart...and her very soul?

Four of romance's most popular authors have created this spellbinding collection of stories filled with dark passion and desire. Under the cover of darkness, their heroes inhabit worlds haunted by ageless hungers and deadly forces stronger than any seen by day...and vanquished only by the power of love.

Now travel into realms where dazzling wonders roam the night, where magic replaces reason, and where a kiss unleashes a raging fire in the blood. And here, if you dare, discover the seduction that begins at the bewitching hour when a man and a woman partake in...MIDNIGHT PLEASURES.



They were afraid of him, but then, as far back as he could remember, people had been afraid of him. Even his mother had looked upon him with a certain measure of fear. He had learned to walk when he was but six months old; could converse with his elders by the time he was two, could turn water into ale at three.

As a child, he had not understood the amazement of his elders. He had thought all males were as gifted as he. He had been well and truly surprised to discover that those he came in contact with could not read his mind as he read theirs. His playmates, though few, stood in awe of his ability to create fire and summon thunder at his will.

He had cherished his unique powers, not knowing that, as time passed, those who knew him would come to fear him while others who were hungry for power would go to any and all lengths to learn the secret of his awesome powers, his eternal youth. Feared and held in suspicion by those who knew him, pursued by those who would steal his power, his very life, he had taken refuge inside his father’s keep.

Now, three hundred years later, all those he had known in his youth were gone, and
he alone remained, shut up in a prison of his own making at the top of a high mountain.

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