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Twenty-two years ago, vampires Roshan and Brenna DeLongpre delivered a baby girl born to a teen mother who did not want her, so they took Cara in and raised her as their own, never telling her that her parents were Undead. They also killed a madman who would have destroyed them both, and now, the consequences of those two actions are coming to fruition. Anthony Loken's lover and son have decided to take revenge on his killers, the DeLongpres, and use their daughter to do so. Cara has also attracted the attention of a new vampire, Vince Cordova. Though he has fallen in love with the mortal, his secret stands between them. Yet, when danger threatens, it will take all good vampires to stand against the true evil. Cara is about to discover the miracles that are possible when truth and love combine.

This is an excellent sequel to Night's Kiss. The new twists to the vampire mythos are intriguing and make you want to know even more about the future of this world. I was particularly fascinated by Mara, the oldest vampire. Dare I hope that she will ever get her own tale? The ending is somewhat of a surprise, but a good one. Don't miss this book.

This delightful vampire romantic next generation to NIGHT'S KISS (the saga of Roshan and Brenna) can stand alone as the back story is cleverly interwoven into this fine thriller. The story line is action packed and the support cast is solid whether they are friend or foe. Vince has become more accepting of his fate since he learned the truth about vampires. Although Cara seems too innocent and adolescent for a twenty-two year old woman, fans will appreciate Amanda Ashley’s entertaining family saga, albeit a family of vampires. --- Harriet Klausner


The continuation of a family saga unfolds as Cara DeLongpre, adopted daughter of Brenna and Roshan DeLongpre, grows up and has her own adventures. In NIGHT’S KISS, Roshan, a vampire, crossed the boundaries of time to find true love. Roshan and Brenna battled an enemy, Anthony Loken, who sought to use them in experiments, and won, killing him, but earning the enmity of Sarafina, Loken’s lover and the mother of his son. Brenna and Roshan find happiness and create a family by adopting Cara, but the seeds of future trouble, planted in NIGHT’S KISS, grow and blossom in NIGHT’S TOUCH.

The nature of her parents' lives requires a sheltered childhood for Cara. Though Cara does not know about their vampire nature, she knows the loneliness of isolation. At twenty-two, Cara is more than ready to finish growing up, even though a bodyguard still follows her everywhere. One night, she decides to visit a nightclub, where she meets two men, Anton and Vince. Though both are handsome, she has a strong attraction to Vince Cordova. A relationship ensues and develops, hampered by secrets that Vince is keeping. The core of the story revolves around whether Cara can accept the truth revealed about both her parents and Vince without rejecting them in horror and disgust.

Another important part of the story involves the plans of Sarafina and her son, Anton. They plan to use the vampires not only for revenge, but to regain a lost loved one. Though Anton seems normal, he is not; he has that flexible morality which makes him truly creepy.

The vampires in NIGHT’S TOUCH are the central characters and the good guys. They are different from regular humans because of their natures and longevity, but they have the same needs. Cara seemed immature for her age, but more resilient than anyone in the story would have thought. An especially interesting character is Mara, the oldest living vampire, who made Vince. Her powerful nature conceals a person who has been hurt, but she needs love and acceptance like anyone else. Ultimately, even vampires are social creatures in Ms. Ashley’s world, needing the acceptance gained when people live with love and honesty. This book will benefit from a little more editing, but the story is sound.
Lisa Baca

Another Amanda Ashley's book that I enjoyed but didn't like the ending. What is up with that? LOL. I like my endings to be neatly wrapped with no questions hanging in the air. That didn't happen with this one. However, I can't say what my questions are because it would be telling some spoilers with the book - and I hate to do that. Let's just say that it didn't end to my satisfaction, and it made me say, "What??...This is the end??" It ended so abruptly that I was caught off guard.

Cara is the daughter of Roshan and Brenna from Night's Kiss (which I reviewed earlier here). She is a twenty-two year old virgin who is a librarian. Nothing wrong with those two aspects of her life - in fact I liked that she was so innocent. She wanders into the Nocturne Club looking for a diversion from her sheltered life. Instead she finds "a dark, seductive stranger whose touch entices her beyond the safety she's always known..."

Vincent is a relatively new vampire with only a year under his belt. This is the first time I have ever read about a hero that is so young in vampire years. However, he has unimaginable powers because he was brought over by an ancient vampiress. "Cara's beauty and bewitching innocence call to his mind, his heart...his blood."

Cara doesn't know her parents are vampires - they have kept it hidden from her for twenty-two years (can you really do that?). After she discovers their secrets, she has a hard time accepting them, which I think I would too. However, after going over everything in her life - her parents actions, aversion to sunlight, never eating, etc. - she doesn't see the same characteristics in Vincent. Is she blind? Even after her father tells her that Vincent is a vampire, she doesn't believe it.

The suspense in the story was good. However, I kind of saw it coming. I liked all the characters in the book - especially revisiting Roshan and Brenna. Vincent was a great hero, and his feelings about revealing himself to Cara were realistic. Some of the happenings in the book weren't explained thoroughly - at least for my liking. But everything flowed smoothly.

I am hesitant to give this book a 3 rating - however, I did enjoy the read - it was fun, suspenseful, and I liked the relationship between Cara and Vincent. So, I'll let my rating stand.

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4 roses

Cara DeLongpre has led a sheltered life but that is about to change. She goes from having no men in her life to having two vying for her attention.

After one dance with Vince Cordova at the Nocturne club, he is all she can think about. The other man, Anton Bouchard, doesn’t really care. He is only wooing her because his mother wants to use Cara in a crazy scheme to bring back his father, Anthony Loken. Still, Anton does not go quietly. Anton gives Cara some specifics about her peculiar family before he goes on his way.

Cara is devastated to find out her parents are vampires. Roshan and Brenna DeLongpre took Cara as their own child after her birth mother abandoned her shortly after giving birth. The life Cara knew was built on lies. She leaves her parents' home and moves into her own house.

Vince has secrets, too. He is a newly made vampire. When he sees Cara’s reaction to the news about her parents, he’s afraid to confess his own undead state. Vince was made by the oldest of their kind and as such he has abilities that other vampires do not have. Those abilities make keeping his secret less difficult, but they certainly don’t make it any easier to live with. He hates lying to Cara. But he doesn’t want to lose her.

Choices are taken out of Vince’s hands when evil appears and puts Cara at risk. Roshan and Brenna destroyed Anthony Loken, nevertheless, his madness lives on in the form of his lover and their son. Sworn to avenge her lover, Serafina sets a plan in motion that, if successful, will destroy the DeLongpre family and anyone close to them.

Author Amanda Ashley has put a twist on the vampire lore that is both intriguing and enjoyable. I hope the author continues to explore it in her future novels.

Night’s Touch is sequel to Night’s Kiss. If you haven’t read the prequel, don’t worry. The author has included enough information that it started to feel like it was two novels in one. It was frustrating to be taken away from Cara and Vince so often. I enjoyed watching their relationship develop. Despite the back and forth, Ms. Ashley made Night’s Touch a satisfying read in the end.
Reviewed in August 2007 by Rho.

I finished this novel on Tuesday, June 26th, 2007. As the sequel to ‘Night’s Kiss’, which I hadn’t read, this book was pretty good. It touched base enough on Cara’s parents’ past that it didn’t give you the ‘lost, what the hell’ feeling’

I thought Cara, though naively innocent in the beginning, becomes a strong woman with a mind of her own. She is thrown for a loop, a couple of times, but thinking it over, she comes to terms, which is nice. When she makes up her mind, it sometimes wages war with her heart, and her heart wins. Sort of cliche, yes, I know. But the way it was written, it went well with the story.

Vince was a great male character. His common sense and his heart wage a ware as well, and though he tries to do what he thinks is best, I’m glad his heart won as well. I truly believe that Cara and Vince were meant to be together - and against all odds, they are. You can feel the sparks coming off between them. A few surprises from the regular vampire novel, slight differences, which were nice to see.

A sense of danger and purpose, enough action to entice the reader, well played out. A good book!

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Night's Touch

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Cara DeLongpre wandered into the mysterious Nocturne club looking for a fleeting diversion from her sheltered life. Instead, she found a dark, seductive stranger whose touch entices her beyond the safety she’s always known and into a heady carnal bliss…

A year ago, Vincent Cordova believed that vampires existed only in bad movies and bogeyman stories. That was before a chance encounter left him with unimaginable powers, a hellish thirst, and an aching loneliness he’s sure will never end…until the night he meets Cara DeLongpre. Cara’s beauty and bewitching innocence call to his mind, his heart…his blood. For Vincent senses the Dark Gift shared by Cara’s parents, and the lurking threat from an ancient and powerful foe. And he knows that the only thing more dangerous than the enemy waiting to seek its vengeance is the secret carried by those Cara trusts the most.


It was at a very early age that Cara Aideen DeLongpre realized her mother and father weren’t like her friends’ parents. For one thing, she never saw her mom and dad during the day, and they never ate dinner together, the way families did on t.v. As far back as Cara could remember, she had eaten all her meals with her nanny, Charlotte Ray, until Charlotte retired. Her new nanny, Melissa Kent, was much younger than Miss Ray had been. And although Cara missed her old nanny, Miss Kent quickly found a place in her affections.

Cara was home schooled by Miss Louise Byrne until she turned twelve. On her birthday, Cara’s father informed her that she would be going to public school so that she might associate with other children. Cara wasn’t happy about that, but her father assured her that it was for her own good. She needed to learn how to get along with people her own age. To that end, Miss Byrne was dismissed and Mr. Shaw was hired. Mr. Shaw was built like a wrestler and had a face like bull dog. It was his job to drive her to school and pick her up afterwards.

Once again, Cara came to realize that her parents were different. They didn’t attend parent-teacher conferences or any other school functions unless they were held at night.

Until Cara went to school, she assumed that everybody opened their Christmas presents at night, and hunted for Easter eggs after the sun went down. Thanksgiving was a holiday that was never celebrated in her home. Valentine’s Day meant a big candy heart from her Daddy.
Cara’s favorite holiday was Halloween. She always dressed up as a witch, and her mother and father always went trick or treating with her. Her mom dressed as a witch, too. Her dad didn’t dress up, though he did wear a long black cloak that made other kids ask if he was supposed to be a vampire.

When Cara turned sixteen, she was allowed to go out with boys, but only if they went out with a group or with an other couple. To her chagrin, Mr. Shaw was always nearby and Cara came to understand that he was no longer just a chauffeur but her bodyguard, as well, though she had no idea why she needed a bodyguard.
She put the question to her mom and dad the night after it occurred to her.

Roshan DeLongpre considered his reply for several moments before he answered his daughter’s question. He wasn’t surprised by it, only amazed that it had taken her so long to ask.

“I’m a wealthy man,” he explained patiently. “And I have many enemies. Shaw is there to make sure that no harm comes to you.”

“What kind of enemies?” Cara asked.

“Ruthless ones.”

She digested that a moment, then asked, “Why don’t I ever see you or Mom during the day? Why don’t we eat together? Where do the two of you go every day, and why can’t I ever go with you?”

Roshan looked at his wife, one brow arched in a silent plea for help. He and Brenna had both known this day would come sooner or later. But how did a man tell his adopted daughter that her father and mother were vampires? And, more than that, that her mother was a witch?


Brenna took her daughter’s hand in hers and gave it a squeeze. “Years ago, your father and I contracted a rare disease. The sun is like poison to us, Cara, so we sleep during the day.”

Cara nodded. She knew she was adopted. Her parents had told her that as soon as she was old enough to understand. It explained why she wasn’t plagued by the same disease.

“Maybe we could eat dinner together?” Cara suggested. “Like other families. You know, like the ones on tv.”

Brenna and Roshan exchanged glances.

“Due to our ailment, your father and I are on a rather strict liquid diet,” Brenna said after a moment, “but we’ll be happy to sit at the table with you while you eat, if you like.”

“I’d like that very much,” Cara said, smiling. “At least once in a while.”

“Then that’s what we’ll do,” her father said.

“Are we very rich?” Cara asked.

“Yes,” her father replied soberly. “Very.”

“Do you think I could have a car?”

“When you’re eighteen,” her father said.

Cara sighed. “Lily got a Honda for her sixteenth birthday. Jennifer got a Mazda. Why can’t I have a car now?”

Brenna looked at her husband, one brow raised as she, too, waited for his answer.

Roshan glanced from his daughter to his wife and back again. “We’ll compromise,” he said. “You can have the car of your choice when you turn seventeen.”

The car she chose was a baby blue VW convertible with black interior.

Cara was twenty-two years old when she finally discovered why her parents weren’t like everyone else’s.

copyright 10/​​06 Madeline Baker


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