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From aFacebook fan
R Smith Bower
"Amanda Ashley, I don’t have time to tell you how great Twilight Desires was, or that you are my favorite writer, because I’m too busy reading another Amanda Ashley novel."


Miranda Owen at Fresh Fiction said: TWILIGHT DESIRES is an outstanding contemporary gothic tale of love and vampires.

I love the way the heroic vampires in TWILIGHT DESIRES build a community and support system for each other as they physically re-build a town. Amanda Ashley provides plenty of thrills and chills in this story, but the romance and character development are never overshadowed.

I look forward to Amanda Ashley's next vampire romance.

Publisher's Weekly Said ~
This sweet and clean paranormal romance will appeal to readers who want a quick story with elements of the supernatural and protagonists who respect each other.

Sofia, a young woman who once wanted to be a vampire, and Ethan, a man turned into one against his will, have every reason to stay away from each other. She’s not ready to live life in the night, and he believes he’s destined to hurt anyone who gets close to him. But circumstances continue to pull them together, even when they’ve decided to push each other away. While the romance unfolds in a predictable way, a lot happens to the characters, giving the reader insight into the demons they struggle with.

5 Star Review by Stormy Vixen reviews 8-30-18

Passion and excitement explodes from the pages of this thrilling traditional vampire romance as Sofia and Ethan try to overcome some traditional issues regarding vampires and some not so traditional ones. The characters are strong and convincing as they draw readers into their story as Ethan has trouble accepting what he is and has lots of worries that go along with being turned into a “monster,” while Sofia has to wonder if being with Ethan is the best thing for her and her future. This has lots of emotional turmoil that readers can understand as well as keeping them glued to the pages as they wonder if this couple will reach a happily ever after or will their difference be more than they can handle.

The steady to fast paced plot keeps readers hanging on the edge of their seat with lots of thrilling suspense as Sofia and Ethan not try to move forward but a fight with an enemy that has set his sights on Sofia and the town of Morgan Creek. This enemy takes some elaborate measures to get what he wants most of which are deadly and brings unknown elements into the mix. Which gives readers as well as Ethan and Saintcrow, quite a few surprising twists to become caught up in.

The author is instigating some changes to the town of Morgan Creek and I have to wonder where she is taking this thrilling and mesmerizing series, especially since I can imagine several different paths she could take from here which could mean more wonderfully spine tingling vampire romances to come for readers. Note: While the story may be in the more traditional style of vampire romance, it is in no way boring and readers are easily smitten and charmed by the sexy vampires of Morgan Creek.

Review by Sue
Late Night Reviewer
Up All Night w/​ Books Blog

Twilight Desires by Amanda Ashley is a paranormal romance about a vampire, Ethan Parrish who must come to terms with the fact that he was turned into a vampire without consent. It is also about the human woman, Sofia, he comes to love. With Ethan unable to live in the light and Sofia unwilling to give up her humanity to live in the dark, how will their fledgling love survive?

I was immersed in this story. This author is a wonderful story teller. She weaved her magic and I was entranced by this book. The plot was a little slow but did have some action scenes sprinkled in. Sofia and Ethan’s characters as well as their relationship was well developed.

I loved that Sofia questioned becoming vampire. The fact that although she was previously intrigued by them, seeing and knowing the reality makes her hesitate. This was so well done. It shows her humanity. I also liked the fact the Ethan grieved the loss of his humanity. We don’t often see vampires long for their humanity very often. It was all just very well written and done. Intriguing.

As for their relationship. It was slow and steady but I don’t think it could have been any other way. With Sofia leery of becoming vampire and Ethan unsure of who he is and what he wants, it only makes sense that they wade through their problems before making such huge decisions. The only downfall, for me, was that the intimate scenes faded to grey. A very well written story. I’m now excited to see what the previous installments in this series provide.

Book 1

Book 2


September 2018
Sofia Ravenwood was once fascinated by vampires—their seductive power, their inhuman strength, their dark desires. Then one of them attacked her family, and she threw out her goth attire and vowed to keep clear of her enemies. Until she heard about Ethan Parrish: a sweet, sizzling-hot former college football player, turned into a vampire against his will.

Wandering the deserted streets of Morgan Creek, Wyoming, Ethan’s sure he'll be alone forever—a monster like him deserves nothing else. Then beautiful, complicated Sofia agrees to meet him, fangs and all. The need she ignites in him is more than just the pulse of her blood or the scent of her skin. But he's not the only bloodsucker desperate to make her his own . . .

* * * * * *
From Facebook Fan
R Smith Bower
"Amanda Ashley, I don’t have time to tell you how great Twilight Desires was, or that you are my favorite writer, because I’m too busy reading another Amanda Ashley novel."

Chapter One

Hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans, Ethan Parrish strolled the dark streets of Morgan Creek. It had been two months since Rylan Saintcrow turned him into a blood-sucking vampire. Two hellish months, and he was still trying to wrap his mind around the reality of what he’d become, and what he’d lost.

He blew out a sigh. It wasn’t just food and drink he’d had to give up, it was his whole way of life. It was gone. All of it -- his old life, his family and friends, not to mention his job. Damn! He had just received a raise and had been due for a well-earned promotion to Vice President in charge of sales. Well, he could kiss that goodbye, too, along with everything else. Hard to keep a day job when you couldn’t show up until after sundown.

Some people are born to be vampires, Saintcrow had told Ethan shortly after turning him into a fiend. You’re not one of them.

As far as Ethan was concerned, truer words had never been spoken. And yet, the alternative -- walking out into the sunlight and being turned into a living torch -- was unthinkable.

Shit! Fate must be having a good laugh at his expense. He had never liked horror movies, always been afraid that vampires were real, and squeamish at the sight of blood.

And now he was a creature of the night, complete with nice sharp fangs and eyes that turned red with the lust for blood.

Like his lovely cousin, Holly.

He still couldn’t believe she had asked to be turned. Why would anyone in their right mind want to be a vampire? Holly had given him some overly-dramatic sob story about it being the only way she could be with her vampire husband, Micah Ravenwood, forever.

Ethan shook his head. How could anyone willingly give up their humanity? It was beyond his comprehension.

Sure, Holly had told him it wasn’t so bad, that he would get used to it…yada, yada, yada.

When he reached the bridge that separated the town from the highway, he turned around and started back toward the house he’d chosen as his current residence. Morgan Creek had once been home to a pack of vampires who had kept ordinary people trapped here against their will. Though the prisoners had supposedly been well-treated and provided with food, housing, and entertainment, they had been no more than a ready food source for the vampires.

Ethan came to a halt, hands clenching, when he saw Saintcrow sitting on the front porch. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Nice to see you, too. Kadie and I are leaving. Seems my wife’s decided she wants to go to Scotland.”

From what he’d heard, Kadie had also chosen to be a vampire rather than live without the love of her life. How anyone could fall in love with a vampire, let alone a master vampire like Saintcrow, remained a mystery.

Ethan lifted one shoulder and let it fall. “Good riddance.”

Saintcrow blew out a sigh of exasperation. “I’ve taught you everything you need to know to survive. The rest is up to you.”


“Do you remember what I told you?”

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t hunt where I live. Don’t kill my prey. Don’t wait until the pain is excruciating before I feed. If I kill anybody except to save my own life, you’ll know it and you’ll destroy me.”

Saintcrow shook his head. “I think I should just destroy you now and save us both a lot of aggravation.”

“I’ll be good, Dad,” Ethan said, his voice heavily laced with sarcasm. “You and Mom have a nice trip.” He flinched as his sire’s power brought him to his knees. Rylan Saintcrow was a master vampire and not to be messed with. He would be wise to remember that, he thought as Saintcrow vanished from his sight.

Ethan shook his head as he stared at the place where Saintcrow had been standing only seconds before. “Sad to be all alone in the world,” he muttered.

And what the hell was he supposed to do now?

Kathy J

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