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Art Rosenberg was born in Brooklyn’s ethnically mixed East New York section. After his father was lost in Pearl Harbor, he was raised by his mom, Rose, until she remarried ten years later. He attended high school in Westchester County, college in California, and graduate school in France. He currently resides in New Jersey with his highly intelligent, beautiful and supportive wife, Catherine Huang.

Art has lived and worked in nine countries as a farm laborer, factory worker, English teacher, translator, textbook publisher and information technology consultant. His list of former employers includes the Greek-American Institute in Athens, a radio-TV factory in the Black Forest town of Villingen, the University of Stockholm, the Berlitz School in Paris, the Organizing Committee of the Grenoble Winter Olympics, a United Nations agency in Geneva, and several New York Publishing Houses.

He is multilingual, a member of The Authors Guild, and an honorary member of the NYC Chinese American Society. He enjoys giving career-related seminars and training classes to a number of minority and professional groups and organizations and served on the Board of Directors of STRIVE (East Harlem Employment Service).

“My first book, Chess for Children and the Young at Heart, was published back in 1977. Several followed, mostly how-to’s in the careers field.

"On September 11, 2001, I was evacuated from a building close to ground zero, breathing the smoky air that carried the ashes of thousands of departing souls. As I watched one of the towers crumble, the message of life’s tenuousness pervaded my consciousness and influenced my goals. I decided to devote myself to writing on a full-time basis.

"The only valid reasons for writing a book are to instruct, inform, influence, comfort, inspire, and/or entertain. To accomplish one or more of these objectives well enough to justify a reader’s time is a writer’s validation and reward.”

Selected Works


Ambivalent Design

The confusion caused by the intelligent design camp has created a mythology of false impressions about the relationship of evolution to the history of life on Earth. Ambivalent Design attempts to clarify the reality of evolution and dispel the distortions promoted by its opponents.
The Resume Handbook Fifth Edition
How to write outstanding resumes and cover letters that win interviews.

101 Ways to Stand Out at Work

A logical, problem-solving approach to building and maintaining a successful career.

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