"Are the trees in the field humankind, to come under siege from you?"
A 2010 Lambda Literary Award finalist
Essays in Honor of Jack L. Knowles
Published in Toronto's lesbian and gay biweekly.
"I almost ran over Lorraine. God, it felt good."
An excerpt from The Trees in the Field

Selected poems

4 July

The United States is 225 years old today,
Mordecai Richler is dead today,
Christ the Lord is risen today,

What was born, who dies and lives forever.
What was damaged, lost, forgiven and reborn
Life and its many miracles
transformed, incited, resurrected, whole.

Why do I turn up every morning doing this?
Words hustle out of me
like prayers to a God I might yet meet.

Originally published in the Canadian Writer's Journal, August 2002