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Deception on and off the field. A football story, and much more. Copy and paste this link to see a study of Payback Time by I.G. (password is: ms.baditoi)
Young Adult Fiction
Bigger, Faster, Stronger--that's what Mick Johnson needs to become if he's to fulfill his dream of becoming a star running back not just in high school, but in college and beyond. But how does a person keep getting bigger, stronger, and faster?
A dramatic and accurate portrayal of the game of baseball and life.
For Ryan giving up baseball now would mean getting off the most exciting ride of his life.
Baseball, the loss of a parent, the temptations, of adolescence.
Joe Faust is ashamed of only two things. First, that he goes to a private school. Second, that he sold his soul to the devil.
Chance knows what he's doing is risky, but it's only for a short time. Nothing can really go wrong . . . or can it?
Young Adult Fiction -- Winner of the 1993 Golden Sower Award.
A life on the brink. . . A basketball season to remember.
Short Stories

Warriors! Seahawks! Huskies! Cal Bears!

Former Sharks graduating and heading off to deeper waters!

Thanks for the great art work!


Thank you, LBJ students, for reading Swagger. It was great talking with you!

The book "Swagger" by Carl Deuker inspires a Basketball Tournament at LBJ!
Basketball teams were formed by the boys that read the book "Swagger". Several of the boys shared the book with an adult male in their lives and invited the adults to play the friendly basketball tournament with them. Our sincere thanks to these adults ( uncles, teachers, dads, brothers) for encouraging the boys to read.

For the championship!

Thanks, Hermantown Middle School students, for all the great questions. It was fun talking to all of you, and I'll be mulling over a good hockey book.


Gym Candy Reader!


Thanks for the letter, Scout. Great drawing!

Swagger is now available in paperback and hardcover

Friends at Beadle Middle School

Gym Candy

Probably Marshawn's last year as a Hawk. Been a great run!


Night Hoops is out in a new edition with excellent paper and print quality. Many thanks to Graphia for the fine work.