Chris Dickon


Chris Dickon is a writer and veteran television and radio producer/​reporter/​writer with most of his previous work in public broadcasting, and current effort in book and article writing and research. His documentaries, features, reporting and interviewing have been broadcast nationally on PBS stations and on National Public Radio, and internationally on the Voice of America. Awards for his broadcast work have come from Columbia University, Ohio State University, the University of Missouri, the Virginia Association of Broadcasters, and included an Emmy from the Capital Region Chapter of NATAS.

As an author of seven books, he has brought the storytelling and graphic style of broadcast production to books that tell little known stories of American history. His most recent book, Americans at War in Foreign Forces, tells the story of the 75,000 plus Americans who fought in the two World Wars as members of Canadian, British, French and other foreign forces. It complements The Foreign Burial of American War Dead, which traces the history of American war dead still buried abroad since the Revolutionary War, and the evolution of American attitudes and practices about its war dead. A third book in the series, due in June 2017, will profile the World War I American poet Alan Seeger.

Selected Works

Coming mid-2017. A biography of the World War I American poet killed in action with the French Foreign Legion on July 4, 1916.
A survey of American war dead still buried abroad since the Revolutionary War.
A sailing USN frigate, now a watermill in England: . . . a gem of a book. Virginian Pilot, Norfolk.
"Readers seeking untold tales of dedicated Americans serving under foreign flags during the world wars will read this book avidly, wondering perhaps why they’re learning about these adventures for the first time."
At the end of the 19th century an audacious railroad sets sail across the Chesapeake Bay.