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Fading February

February 28, 2008

Hello, Everyone.

Still no news to share regarding release dates for my two orphaned books, THE MARINE and THE FIRST BOY I LOVED. My agent says I can expect to hear "soon." Angst abounds.

In my down time I've been learning to make promo "trailers" for both the orphans, using the iDVD and iMovie software on my iMac. I hope to get them uploaded for viewing somewhere at some point even if I am a long way from "Cecil B. DeMille" status.

It's been great fun to do despite the frustration -- which is likely my own fault. I prefer to wing it first, THEN read the manual. The manual just makes more sense to me that way. It also drives my left-brained husband crazy, which is unfortunate, I guess. We just celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary so I like to think he's used to it. I met him when I was fifteen. A few years later, when I was in nursing school and seriously vexed, he came to my rescue -- mine and my classmates'.

We had a very difficult instructor who was teaching out of one textbook and testing out of another (I don't know why). Believe me when I tell you it was not helpful. It didn't matter what OUR textbook said; it only mattered what the testing textbook -- to which none of us had access -- said. It was a very expensive book. It wasn't in the library. None of us poor baby nurses could afford to buy one. To add to the misery, a passing grade was 80. Well, suffice it to say, young Mr. Reavis bought me that book -- and made a friend for life.

I've also been making slideshows of my mother's World War II photographs. She was (and is) a beautiful woman, and she and her sisters and their cousin always posed like the movie starlets when they took pictures with their Ansco box camera. The photos are wonderful
-- very "hubba-hubba," as they used to say, in their shorts and high heels.

That's is all the news here. I hope you're all well and happy and looking forward to spring. Which reminds me -- I need to start my antique tomato seedlings.

Till next time...