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March 16, 2015

Hi, Everyone.

I just wanted to let you know that one of my backlist books, THE CAPTIVE HEART, has been tweaked and revitalized and is now available on amazon in the Kindle format. It also has a new cover, one that is much more my idea of what the fierce and angry Robert McLarn, "Five-Killer" to his mother's people, looked like.

This is the Library Journal review:

"...A study in cultural contrasts, this well-written, vividly descriptive tale skillfully juxtaposes the "savage" with the "civilized and allows the reader to draw some occasionally unexpected conclusions. Realistic historical and cultural detail, a sensitively handled romantic relationship, a heroine who strengthens with the story, and a hero who comes to terms with his two cultures combine in an...emotionally involving romance that is both brutal and tender and satisfying..."

For more information, click on the cover image.

I hope winter is almost past for you, and you're seeing some promise of spring. If you live in the Boston area, all I can say is, "Bless your heart."

Take care. And thank you for all your interest and support. I truly appreciate it.

Best always,