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How can advances in neuroscience improve the the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders? Heal Your Brain "articulates and helps create a new watershed moment in psychiatric worldview," according to reviewer Bradley Lewis.
In this poignant, deeply moving book, Dr. David Hellerstein traces five generations of American medicine -- from the Civil War to the present day -- as seen through the eyes of his unforgettable family.
A black comedy set in New York City, Stone Babies tells the story of Jay Sones, MD, a young obstetrician working in an infertility treatment center, who is caught up in an evolving medical scandal.
A comic first novel set in Manhattan, Loving Touches explores the love Dr. Pete Roth feels for two very different women: his wife Sarah, a Wall Street lawyer, and Celine, a former girlfriend who has been admitted to his hospital.
"a unique, beautifully written account of the making of a doctor.... a remarkable document--dramatic, moving and true." --Tobias Wolff, author of Back in the World

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Loving Touches


Set in contemporary New York, Loving Touches explores the life of a young doctor and the love he feels for two very different women. Peter Roth is married to an ambitious Wall Street lawyer and on track as a resident training at a prestigious Manhatta psychiatric hospital. He is on track for a successful career until Celine Walters reenters his life as a patient at Curtiss Psychiatric Institute and Pete finds himself on the brink of losing it all.