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How can advances in neuroscience improve the the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders? Heal Your Brain "articulates and helps create a new watershed moment in psychiatric worldview," according to reviewer Bradley Lewis.
In this poignant, deeply moving book, Dr. David Hellerstein traces five generations of American medicine -- from the Civil War to the present day -- as seen through the eyes of his unforgettable family.
A black comedy set in New York City, Stone Babies tells the story of Jay Sones, MD, a young obstetrician working in an infertility treatment center, who is caught up in an evolving medical scandal.
A comic first novel set in Manhattan, Loving Touches explores the love Dr. Pete Roth feels for two very different women: his wife Sarah, a Wall Street lawyer, and Celine, a former girlfriend who has been admitted to his hospital.
"a unique, beautifully written account of the making of a doctor.... a remarkable document--dramatic, moving and true." --Tobias Wolff, author of Back in the World

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Stone Babies

Dr. Jay Sones is a young doctor struggling to begin a private practice specializing in fertility problems, when he is hit with a triple whammy. Denied privileges at the Upper East Side hospital in whose prestigious infertility lab he was a star researcher, sued for malpractice, and demoralized by a near-fatal assault that leaves his partner brain-damaged, Sones struggles to make ends meet working in the dreaded outer boroughs of New York City.

With one foot in the glamorous world of his wealthy girlfriend and the other firmly planted in the poverty and squalor of the slums where he practices medicine, his suspicions grow that the three disastrous events are related, and he finds himself obsessively pursuing the truth.

Stone Babies combines edge-of-the-seat suspense with immersion in the reality of Labor and Delivery, and provides ironic takes on the contrasting life styles of Manhattan’s Upper East Side and Brooklyn’s slums. Stone Babies is a medical thriller, a stylish and satiric novel that leaves the reader with a healthy skepticism of the goings-on at prestigious hospitals, and fully educated on the inequality of medical care in this country.