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The Children's Home and The Home Association

December 16, 2014

When I wrote about the new Riverwalk statues recently, I said I would return to one of the 2014 honorees, Bena Maas, who was president of the Children’s Home for twenty-five years. I want to thank the home’s executive director, Irene Rickus, for preserving and sharing the documents on which this is based. (more…)

There are a lot of versions of Christmas

December 12, 2014

Ah, it’s that most wonderful time of the year! Christmas wreaths of lush green pine and red bows hang from the front doors of houses; neighbors cover their yards with lights; and families eagerly await the happy reunion of sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and more. We re-create grandma’s recipes and sing carols of European origin that are centuries old. But few of us are aware that Christmas traditions are relatively newer in America. (more…)

Immigration: 1924-present

December 8, 2014

Last week I summarized immigration to the United States from colonial days to 1924, when Congress adopted a law that virtually slammed the door on newcomers. The first major group had been in the 1840s, when a million people from Ireland arrived in New England and New York. (more…)

Immigration: The Colonial Period-1924

December 3, 2014

I guess I must write about immigration, as that is what the chattering class is chattering about these days. I don’t want to because it heads the current list of things I’m tired of discussing with those who lack context -- but nonetheless, it is exactly the sort of thing I should do for “In Context.” So please forgive me if I talk more about that than about the president’s recent executive order. (more…)

Friends of the Riverwalk Monuments

December 1, 2014

It was cold (by our Florida standards) last Friday morning when the Friends of the Riverwalk unveiled its six historical monuments for 2014. Despite the gray skies, longtime radio host and popular guy Jack Harris remarked that so many people attended perhaps the next such event would have to be at Raymond James Stadium. He was once again the MC, and both he and Mayor Bob spoke fervently about the marvelous park that now runs from Channelside to the new Water Works Park and Ulele Springs. (more…)


With an introduction by Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Winner of a prize from the American Library Association.
With an introduction by Geraldine Ferraro, this book focuses on women’s fight for the vote.
This 4-volume work covers women in all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico and Washington, DC.

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