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A real United States

June 29, 2015

Last week, we took a long step towards becoming the United States of America instead of the United States(more…)

Odds and ends

June 22, 2015

Iíve visited the church in Charleston that we all know of since the massacre. Itís beautiful and historic, as is the city itself. Lovely, unique homes that were built to take advantage of sea breezes. Even lovelier gardens, carefully tended to the last perfect leaf -- and usually surrounded by iron fences. Delicious Low Country food, especially oysters, okra, shrimp and grits. The cityís cemeteries are graciously maintained and full of stories, full of the elite, hypocritical Old South that took racism for granted, that proclaimed one message in its pulpits and practiced another in its bedrooms. (more…)

Flag Day

June 15, 2015

Have you noticed that Mother Trib is bringing back some of the people whom they thoughtlessly dismissed only months ago? I havenít asked what the deal is (probably a poor one, given that corporate profits are the main goal of publishers these days), but Iím glad to sometimes see again the faces of Tampaís beloved Steve Otto and even conservative curmudgeon Joe Brown. With the relatively recent additions of Joe Henderson and Paul Guzzo, we have some fine writers again. On the other hand, when I look at those masculine names, I think about Suzie Siegel, Judy Hill, and other good women who had a different angle on the news, and that remains missing. (more…)

Playing tour guide: Georgia and Florida

June 8, 2015

My Dad loved to play tour guide and greatly enjoyed taking out-of-town visitors to see every little nearby spot of possible interest. My older sister has the same delightful quality and a more interesting city, but because she has lived in Columbus, Georgia for decades, I thought Iíd seen everything in this old textile-mill town. Last weekend, however, I discovered two historic markers that were new to me, even though one of them said that it has been there since 1953. In its title alone, the sign is a perfect example of an obsolete approach to history: ďLast Battle in War of 1861-65.Ē (more…)

Advertising and good sense donít necessarily go together

June 1, 2015

Weíve been up to Georgia for a family wedding, and although we have a lifelong policy of preferring old roads to interstates, this time my schedule was such that we took I-75 going and returning. Because itís nearly summer solstice, more of the trip was in daylight than usual. Some observations: (more…)


With an introduction by Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Winner of a prize from the American Library Association.
With an introduction by Geraldine Ferraro, this book focuses on womenís fight for the vote.
This 4-volume work covers women in all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico and Washington, DC.

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