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Elaine Williams came to New York from New England after college and headed for Greenwich Village to surround herself with the arts and to be in the atmosphere of her ghosts of literature and art.

An early job in her career was working as an editor for Holmes Publications who published a flock of entertainment magazines. Elaine was responsible for producing the editorial material and the many photo stories for three monthly magazines. Later she created a similar magazine for Hillman Publications, publisher of Pageant, for their newly acquired title of Show Magazine.

She also began writing articles for major magazines including Mademoiselle, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, The Ladies Home Journal, etc.

Elaine Williams is the author of "Maharani, Memoirs of a Rebellious Princess," the story of a princess who becomes a maharani(an Indian queen.) "Maharani" was published in the U.S. by Henry Holt, in France by Librairie Hachette, in Canada by George J. Mcleod, Ltd., Alfred Scherz Inc. in Switzerland, and was featured as a condensation in The Ladies Home Journal and selected by the Public Library System for both Reference and General Reading.

Her latest novel,"Seeking The Taj, A tale of Love and Awakening in a Far Country" was published by Rupa, India's most prestigious publisher, for India, Pakistan, Bangledesh and Sri Lanka. It's the story of a young woman poet from New England who goes to India to write about the Empress buried in the Taj Mahal and finds recovery from her painful past.

Her upcoming novel, "Under The Shadow of Your Wings" is set in World War II and is the poignant story of a young bride married to a fighter pilot.

Elaine was also a travel journalist and the India Government of Tourism sent her to India several times to write about tourist sites. She did her own photography for the articles that appeared in magazines and newspapers including Travel-Holiday, The Baltimore Sun, The Atlantic Journal-Constitution, ASTA Travel News, Travel and Leisurea and Conde Nast's Traveler.

Elaine's poetry has been published and awarded prizes.

The New Yorker: "Maharani is
an unusual biography...a fantastic and anachronistic kind of life. It can hardly fail to hold your interest."

MAHARANI, Memoirs of a Rebellious Princess

The Maharani and her husband's father, the Maharajah of Kapurthala

The Maharani, born as Princess Brinda, was betrothed at the age of seven to the nine-year old Crown Prince of Kapurthala although it would be many years until the marriage took place. Maharani is a brilliant study of contrasts – the luxuries of India at its most glamorous – weddings, state receptions, tiger hunts, elaborate parties – and reminiscences of her travels throughout the world. It is an intimate picture of a princess’ life, of the responsibilities facing royalty, along with personal grief and how she had the courage to resolve them.

THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE: "Thoroughly enjoyable and never dull. Brinda comes to life on each page in a manner seldom found in a story of a contemporary being. Ms. Williams has retained in every chapter a wealth of the maharani's charm and personality."

THE KIRKUS BULLETIN: "A moving and muted account of a life in a transitional generation where East and West met...Touching and strange, this memoir gives fine glimses into the Hindu culture, of worlds apart moving together, not without grief."

THE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE: "We are permitted to watch a spoiled and sheltered little Indian princess grow into a suffering woman of character with a strong feeling of responsibility for her subjects. Elaine Williams deserves great credit for having woven all into an intersting book."

SEEKING THE TAJ, A Tale of Love and Awakening In a Far Country

SEEKING THE TAJ, A Tale Of Love and Awakening in a Far Country was published in the U.S. and India

In Seeking The Taj, Elaine Williams evokes a spirited young woman’s immersion into the mysterious society of deposed Indian royals where crumbling palaces hold dark secrets and treachery abounds. Set in 1969, when hippies, soul seekers and “The Beatles” swarmed into India, Garnet, a young poet with a painful past, is traveling in India to write about the empress who inspired the Taj Mahal. Burdened on the trip by the brilliant, half-mad Niles, at the Taj Mahal she encounters Ravi Singh, an exuberant, charismatic prince descended from a dynasty of eccentric royals. Ravi pursues her and although she is deeply drawn to the prince, the near tragic assault she endured as an adolescent left her fearful of romantic entanglements. But in Agra she is befriended by Ravi’s royal auntie, a wise and worldly woman who seized her freedom in a repressive society and has much to teach Garnet.

THE STATESMAN: India's oldest newspaper, reviewed it in their Sunday edition, "Seeking The Taj is a very sensual story with a dream-like quality. All the characters are well-etched and leave a lasting impression. And whether it be the description of the Taj Mahal, the opulence of Sushila's house, the once magnifent Gajpur palace or even dawn 'as the darkness of the long night negan to lift, a scrawl of vermilion scribbled its way across the black sky,' Williams displays a poetic touch in the rich imagery with which her novel abounds."

"Elaine Williams writes with grace and precision, and a deep understanding of India's ancient culture, Her novel "Seeking The Taj" is a beautifully written story, very sensual with a dreamlike feel to it. A haunting story, with beautiful imagery, the rich echoes of history and the fairy tale ending."
(Richard Moore, acclaimed poet, Pulitzer Prize Nominee)

New Upcoming Novel by Elaine Williams

Under The Shadow of Your Wings,
set in World War II, is a poignant wartime story of a vivacious young girl who marries a fighter pilot. But their ardent love for each other ends in tragedy when he crashes his plane in an aerial battle. Brokenhearted at her loss, she can't shake off her grief. Sleepless nights and nightmares, loneliness, heartache, anguish. The sorrows of all young women who lost the soldier fathers of their children, leaving them in despair. But in her valiant struggle against the bitter loss, she summons up all her courage and bravely sets out to make a good life for herself and her child. Her journey is painful at times but she never loses her determination to survive and renew her life.
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