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Cold Sitzbath

July 12, 2010

Tags: water, anal fissure, back pain - acute, chamomile extract, Cold Sitzbath, episiotomy, happy half bath, hemorrhoids, infertility, insomnia, Kneipp - Sebastian, leucorrhea, libido, pelvic pain, pelvic problems, prostatitis - acute and chronic, Sebastian Kneipp, sitzbath, sleeplessness, urinary tract infection, varicose veins

Another name for the cold sitzbath is “happy half bath” – and “sitzbath” is a translation from German. The original word is “Sitzbad,” where “bad” obviously means bath, and “Sitz” comes from to sit.

I coined the term happy half bath because there is nothing more refreshingand and uplifting - short of dunking into the ocean in Maine - than filling a tub with a few fingers’ breadth of cold water and sit there for a few minutes; usually one to two. The water can be reused.

Besides that it is the perfect refreshment on a sweltering summer day, a cold sitzbath also has beneficial effects for health – not only for mood. Sebastian Kneipp (1821 to 1897) who, as a priest, had a bit of a problem with the other gender and sexuality, said that a cold sitzbath is good for “down there”, meaning it relieves all kinds of pelvic ailments – from infertility and decreased libido (in both sexes) to pelvic pain, leucorrhea, hemorrhoids, anal fissures and after episiotomies (then often with chamomile extract). For gynecological purposes one can also buy special basins.

A cold sitzbath helps against varicose veins (a diet low in inflammatory foods helps, too!).

A cold sitzbaths is not a good idea if you have acute urinary tract infection or acute prostatitis. For chronic prostatitis it might actually be helpful. And don't do it when you have acute lower back pain.

Another indication for a cold sitzbath is insomnia. Staying for a moment in the cold water, then going to bed, you can feel how the blood leaves your overworked brain and warms your feet – both important conditions to find sleep.

And a Happy Half Bath keeps your private parts functioning and beautiful!
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