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Loved Ones

August 1, 2010

Tags: order, black thoughts, family, family reunion, hiking, love, loved ones, rich and famous, saving the world

What is the most important part of your life? Your job of saving the world? Your career as a great artist? Becoming rich and famous?

Mine is my family. The small one and the wider one. We have yearly family reunions with about fifty people, in different locations so that all have a chance to attend.

But today I am writing about the small part of my family. My husband and son are on a hike. On a rather difficult hike. I am sitting here at home biting my nails. Perhaps my husband should have married a more adventurous wife. I love walking and weekend hikes. But out there, in the real wilderness, I could not even carry my own backpack.

What if …

What if something happens to them?

We all have those black thoughts, and what they teach us is that we should love and care while it lasts, because even in the best of cases, it will not last forever.
Aspen eyes, by Peggy Peters

Iguazu Falls, by Xin Liu

Alexa Fleckenstein M.D. 2012, by Lolita Parker jr.

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