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Movement for Beginners

September 25, 2010

Tags: movement, books, bottles - water-filled, dumbbells, egg timer, exercise – two-minutes, expanders, Movement for Beginners, nautilus, rowing machine, stationary bike, stepping stairs, treadmill, walking

The idea is to recapture the joy in moving you had when you were a child. Suggestions:

1. Walk 10 minutes every day – rain or shine, snow or ice. Bundle up and go outside. Stay in only if there is a danger of falling on ice. In that case: Bundle up, open the window wide and march in your room for ten minutes.
2. The 2-minutes exercise: Have an egg timer and any exercise machine you’ve got: stationary bike, treadmill, nautilus – doesn’t matter. Don’t go out and buy one. Dumbbells will do, or stepping stairs, or expanders. At the least, you have two books or two water-filled bottles in the house and can use them like dumbbells. Put the egg timer on two minutes and start. Do your movements in beauty and grace, open your joints, enjoy every second of change in your body, feel and savor the new sensations. DO it every day – NO excuses. – Afterthought: if you insist on buying a machine: buy a used old-fashioned rowing machine – they are the best.
3. Enroll in a yoga class.

From here everything will come in its own way and at its own pace.
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