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Gluten Intolerance On the Rise

September 28, 2010

Tags: food, additives, antibiotics, chewing, digestion, drugs – prescription, drugs - recreational, eating habits, food – adulterated, food coloring, food – “new and improved”, gluten, gluten intolerance, Gluten Intolerance On the Rise. preservatives, probiotics, snacks

Not only is gluten intolerance widely under-diagnosed, it is also getting more common, especially in the elderly.

The reason are still puzzling the researcher. I would venture four explanations (there are very likely more!):

1. Increased use of antibiotics. Antibiotics disturb the fragile balance of bacteria in the gut – there fore it is always good to question your doctor’s wisdom to prescribe and antibiotic. And if you really have to take one, also take plenty of probiotics – but not at the same time: Space it so that you take the probiotic in between antibiotic doses.
2. Increased use of adulterated “foods” – stuff your body doesn’t even recognize as food: additives, preservatives, colorings, prescription and recreational drugs (it is totally beyond me why those drugs are called “recreational’!), “new and improved” food items like Olestra, and so on, and so on.
3. Increase use of milk and dairy products that are highly changed through pasteurization, homogenization and addition of modern “food technology.” Mind, I don’t condone unpasteurized milk for reasons of infection. But I just think milk is for cow babies – and should stay with them.
4. Our eating habits: Not chewing well enough, eating late at night, eating snacks all the time. That way, the body is always busy with digesting – never has time for repair.

On the other hand, it is never too late to clean up your eating act: Eat fresh, unadulterated foods, cook for yourself and your family – there is no pursuit more worthwhile in life!
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