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Precancerous Skin Growth – Try This First

April 4, 2011

Tags: order, angioma - senile, basal cell carcinoma, disfigurement, face, forearm, hand, heart attack, icing, keratosis - seborrhoic, keratosis - solar, melanoma, Mitchell - William A., naturopath, pimple - flaky, pre-cancer, precancerous, Precancerous Skin Growth – Try This First, recurrence, remedy, removal – early, scar, scientific research, seborrhoic keratosis, secret remedy, semen, senile angioma, skin efflorescences, skin growth, solar keratosis, squamous cell cancer, urine – early morning, vaginal fluid

From time to time, I promised to publish some unproven ideas here – hoping that somebody will pick them up and expose them to proper scientific research. - If you are squeamish, please, don’t read on.

Shortly before he tragically died of a heart attack upon hearing that his son had died, William A. Mitchell, renowned naturopath, sidled up with me at a conference and asked conspiratorially. if I knew a secret natural remedy that I hadn’t shared with anybody yet. And I did. I guess he wanted to compile those “secret” medicines for publishing.

This is what I told him – and you will see instantly why I hadn’t talked too much about it before: the usual fear of looking idiotic – or worse ….

Many older people have precancerous growths - usually on their hands, forearms and faces. They can be detected as rough little “pimples.” Often they seem just hard, flaky bumps. Untreated, they will one day turn into squamous cell cancer, a slow-growing skin cancer that, nevertheless, can lead to disfigurement. In this pre-cancer state, the usual treatment is icing, which often leaves scars, and has to be repeated every three to six months.

These precancerous skin growths often respond well to vaginal fluid or semen, applied once or twice a day thinly. If you don’t see an improvement within a few days to a week, you should see a physician and have conventional treatment. But the fluid often works like a charm. Alternatively, early morning urine can be used. If they vanish, the same treatment can be used if they recur – which the often do, same as if they are treated with icing.

DON’T try this on other skin efflorescences, like senile angioma, melanoma, basal cell carcinoma – it doesn’t work and, especially in the case of melanoma, you might lose precious time for early removal!
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