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Our Tribal Past

June 5, 2010

Tags: order, cave people, commune, depression, meaning, Our Tribal Past, social animal, spirituality, tribal past, tribe

We often get sick when we disregard what our ancient bodies need: fresh food, a little movement, clean water, fresh air, and so forth.

But we also have an ancient soul, an ancient mind – and they, too, suffer of our modern times. The enormous increase in depression is a sign of it.

What were our living conditions for millions of years? Certainly, I don’t know all the specifics, but certainly cave people did not stare at a screen all day, live and work in isolated cubicles, sleep alone, eat alone, be exposed to an explosion of images and facts – and a dearth of meaning.
Without returning to stone-age primitive living or the commune – but ancient people slept in a pile under bearskins, always touching and smelling their neighbors, they hunted in groups, they gathered in groups, they de-liced one another. Granted, to live so close to each other might have increased aggression and homicide. But today, we suffer from the opposite: loneliness and isolation. If yours is a happy, creative solitude, don’t worry. But if you get your most intimate exchange from TV, messenging and computer, you set yourself up for depression – bad food and lack of exercise exacerbating the situation.

Just acknowledging our ancient needs is a step out of the isolation. Hug and kiss as much as possible! I always felt that the hugs I gave to patients (only with their permission) nourished me as well as them. Stay in touch with loved ones – even if they live far away. Write letters asking and granting forgiveness to people you have lost from your life. Join a community for art, music, dance, spirituality. Acknowledge that you are a social animal (forget the partying side which seldom brings fulfillment) since the dawn of times.
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