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Books I am presently working on:

When I was younger, I always thought if I ever should write a book, it would be a gardening book. Funny, it didn't work out that way. Here is what I am really working on:

- A nonfiction book about Superbugs - multiple drug-resistant bacteria - and what one can be done against with with herbs and other natural methods
- A novel about the 16th century Chinese physician and herbalist Li Shizhen
- A nonfiction book about skiing and Natural Health
- A nonfiction book about the yoga wisdom of my teacher and friend Carol Nelson
- Translating my novel "Sebastian Kneipp, Water Doctor" into German
- Translating into English a children's book that I loved as a kid - about a little boy lost in World War One
- A film script about that lost boy - for a perfect Steven Spielberg movie - I wish!
- My Memoirs: My Mother Danced For Hitler ... And My Father Was In The Resistance Against The Nazis. - But this might only be for my family, not for the public. Writing down my life bores me as I already know all the stories ...
- A novel about the medieval nun, herbalist and composer Hildegard von Bingen

Which one are you most interested in?
Let me know!

Water Lilies at Hall's Pond, Brookline, MA, by Riva Berkovitz
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Waves of the Ocean, by Bernhard Plank