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My Dear Readers:

Welcome to my page. Before you experience the personality and panache of my brand of contemporary fiction, I want to provide you with the passion behind the pages.

When I sat down to write my debut novel, Take Her Man, the first thing I thought was that I wanted the book to act as the supreme love letter to my great and groovy girlfriends. Like most women, I happen to believe that I have the best circle of girlfriends, and I thought that a book celebrating our strengths, weaknesses, and ability to pull together--with great style--any single thing we set our minds to would make great fodder for any novel. As I mention in the dedication of Take Her Man, Dr. Beverly Guy-Sheftall once said that it is sisterhood that keeps sisters sane and strong during moments of adversity. I wanted to show this in all of my novels. Therefore, while you'll find lots of drama in my world divadom, at the center of each work, there is a story of love, of finding oneself and discovering the power of friendship.

My novels serve to unite women of all ages and backgrounds as they recall, smile, and cheer on the characters as they come face to face with what it means to grow into womanhood and face the demons within.

In addition to being juicy, funny, exciting, and smart, my fiction is also unique and sophisticated. Each novel takes on some new literary device or experiments with some interesting point of view. Playing Hard to Get and Take Her Man come complete with rules and regulations of sisterhood. His First Wife includes multiple points of view, emails and even some instant messages. Readers of Something She Can Feel will find poems and song lyrics mixed into the international action. .

I am confident that these images will inspire and enlighten all eyes that fall upon them. Good news…your eyes are next.


Yours in Sophistication,
Grace Octavia

"Octavia's writing style is in a category all of its own."--APOOO Book Club

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In Essence® bestselling author Grace Octavia's most exciting, volatile novel yet, charismatic bad boy mayor Jamison Jackson has finally taken a spectacular fall. But that doesn't mean he's going down alone. . .

Since the night Atlanta mayor, self-made millionaire, and womanizer Jamison Jackson plummeted from the top floor of a downtown hotel, everyone seems to have profited, from vicious criminals to corrupt politicians. Everyone except his jilted first wife, Kerry. Once a socialite, she's now the prime suspect in Jamison's alleged murder. But she swears she's no killer--and surprisingly, Jamison's widow, Val, agrees. For all they know, it was Coreen, the mother of Jamison's secret love child. After years of extortion, Coreen's cash flow has come to an end. The reality is, Jamison had a murky past and a legion of enemies old and new who will do whatever it takes to cover up the truth--and it's even more scandalous, unexpected, and filled with secrets than anyone suspects.

Scintillating stories! Soulful characters! Sophisticated fiction!

If you're looking for something smart, sexy and ... a little silly to add to your bookshelf, you've come to the right place. Experience a new twist in contemporary fiction as I tell tales of heroines who will make you remember what you love about a good book. Through good and bad, you'll laugh out loud, shed a tear and root the characters on as if they're your own girlfriends.

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Yours in Sophistication,
Grace Octavia

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In Essence® bestselling author Grace Octavia's most exciting, volatile novel yet, charismatic bad boy mayor Jamison Jackson has finally taken a spectacular fall. But that doesn't mean he's going down alone. . .
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