C. Herbert Gilliland

Admiral Dan Gallery:
The Life and Wit of
a Navy Original

In his foreword to this biography about a great friend, Herman Wouk describes the book as “the unadorned truth about...a decidedly human gentleman with human failings, more than balanced by rare willpower, brainpower and humor.” A maverick with less than reverential views of the navy that was his life for more than forty years, Gallery was a man of strong character and sharp wit who never shied from controversies and was a formidable opponent. His courageous stand in “The Revolt of the Admirals” nearly cost him his career.

Gallery is best known for his dramatic capture of a German submarine (U-505, now at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago) on the high seas, the first such taking of an enemy vessel since the War of 1812.

Selected Works

Naval History
Master’s Mate John Lawrence aboard USS Yorktown with the African Squadron in the 1840s.
“The most personally revealing life study ever made of a modern flag officer.”
--Michael Gannon