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Abrahamís Bay & Other Stories
The characters in Abrahamís Bay & Other Stories have set sail for islands in the Atlantic and Caribbean. They wander on the edges of the larger world -- anchor in lonely coves, navigate reef-strewn waters, contend with storms and with themselves. These stories probe private lives in dangerous places.

Chesapeake Futures
Chesapeake Futures offers three scenarios for the Bay, the status quo, the effect of current policies, and the promise of new technologies and approaches.

Current Projects

A Place Called Chance, a novel. Set in the Chesapeake Bay and inspired by true events, this story details an environmental mystery story that becomes a murder mystery, a love story, and a fight for justice.

The King of Soul, a novel. In Richmond, Virginia, in the mid-1960s, a teenage boy joins a racially mixed rhythm-and-blues band. He comes of age playing James Brown tunes, and falling for one of the seductive dancers that sometimes accompanies the band. Falsely accused of a sex crime, he tries to clear his name, and to bridge the racial divide that runs deep in this southern city.

Sailing Through the Milky Way. Based on the better part of four years spent in the Caribbean, this nonfiction narrative describes what happens when a couple sells their home and takes to the sea. Chapters detail experiences in the cruising grounds of the Virgin Islands, the Leewards, and the Windwards, especially Grenada. As the preface asks, When an anxiety neurotic goes to sea, what could possibly go wrong?

Selected Works

ďGrab a hot toddy and prepare for the ride.Ē
--Cruising World magazine
A glimpse at the possible futures of the Chesapeake Bay, depending on the choices we make at the dawn of the 21st Century.

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