Kathlyn Gay

Recent Publications
Dealing with Death: The Ultimate Teen Guide (2017)
Epilepsy: The Ultimate Teen Guide, Second Edition (2017)
Activism: The Ultimate Teen Guide (2016)
Divorce: The Ultimate Teen Guide (2014) paperback (2017)


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With more than 120 books to her credit, Kathlyn Gay has
established herself as a prolific writer of nonfiction information books as well as some fiction titles for teens. She has also produced numerous adult books.
Gay has explored topics including environmental issues, politics, military history, sports, manufacturing, multiculturalism, and pressing social concerns in books that are held up as examples of what a good informational title should be. Gay's works are "insightful, well-researched, and intellectually stimulating," according to Booklist contributor Stephanie Zvirin. Her books have also been called "relevant [and] engrossing," by Booklist reviewer Roger Leslie, and "factual, well-organized, straightforward, and readable," by Diane P. Tuccillo in School Library Journal. Gay does not steer away from "thorny contemporary issues," noted Chris Sherman in Booklist. "Writing, for me," Gay once told CA, "has become a way of life,
and I could not imagine trying to function as an individual without exercising
this form of communication."

Gay displays her wide range of researching and writing abilities in many
other titles dealing with military history and wars in which Americans
have fought. "Through the written word," Gay once told CA, "I feel I have been able
to share with young people and adults some of the observations and impressions I have had on what it means to be a person, a productive human being. So many different conditions and factors shape each one of us as individuals that I am often amazed we are able to understand one another at all. Happily, though, there are many experiences in life that are common to all of us, and a writer can draw on these in stories and articles to help readers see, hear, feel with real or imaginary people."

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