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Focusing on inclusion through the story of King David and Mephibosheth, the books of Isaiah, and Jeremiah.
Using the example of Moses from The Holy Bible, we see that even though he had a speech impediment he was called upon to be the lead character in one of the greatest stories in the Old Testament. Moses fear of leprosy shows how another physical ailment, a skin disease, (we call Hansen's Disease or HD) was feared and how the people of the day handled this situation. I compare this to how a case of psoriasis was handled in modern times using a personal example - myself, and my daughter.
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On writing main characters with disabilities.
John Elder Robison is the bestselling author of the memoirs "look me in the eye my life with Aspergers", "Switched On". John is also a well-sought out speaker on the subject of Autism and Aspergers.
Ann Pietrangelo shares her story and her writing tips for those who live and work with a disability.
This article shares disability statistics and links to additional sources of information so you can write well on this topic. This beginning resource will give you an idea on how to conduct research based on your writing needs.


I choose to use my abilities to write with, for, and about disability.

Kathryn M. B. Johnson is a wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and caretaker alongside writing and advocating for disability. Drawn to those with special needs, she spent quite much time in elementary school helping in the special education classroom.

As an adult, after years in the field of accounting software and information technology she started work as an Orientation and Life Skills Instructor at Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center. Here she worked with persons of all types of disabilities and disorders. She believes when God calls us to a role, he needles us as needed to get the job done.

Now, retired and disabled, she has combined her love of writing with a desire to advocate for persons with disability. Kathryn does her best not to get stuck.

Kathryn is currently working on a paranormal/​mystery/​suspense novel.

You can find Kathryn on Facebook, Twitter, or her kathrynmbjohnson.com website.