Mark Newhouse

The Cars We Love and Hate


Unforgettable at Any Speed

More than one hundred "Chrome-plated, mag-wheeled, dual-carbed, and clutch poppin' car stories collected and edited by Mark H. Newhouse and Louis Emond, published by Quixote Press, (1-800-571-2665).

These funny and true stories spark memories and ignite laughter.

The disastrous first date, the amorous love bug, the optional stop sign, the 'unsafe at any speed' Corvair, and many more are the stars of this look back at our love/​hate relationship with driving and cars.

Share the bumps and laughs as you relive your own adventures with our four wheeled monsters. Entertainment for all ages and genders.

Makes a great gift for the car lover/​hater in all of us.

Selected Works

Middle Grade Fiction
Some kids will risk anything to be thin, popular, and stop others from teasing them.
Juvenile Mystery
Solve funny mysteries with safe and simple science experiments. Teachers Choice Award Learning Magazine.
Holiday Anthology
Stories and poem collection for the winter holidays with moving introduction by Hall of Fame golfer, Nancy Lopez.
Funny and nostalgic true stories about the cars that we love and hate. A fun trip for all ages.