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Edward is a madcap scifi story set in the future that satirizes modern life, from organized religion to the traffic control system.
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World's only scholarly analysis of China's intelligence services
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A speech at Kings College, War Studies Department, London UK. A look forward to the role of secret intelligence in the the changing national security environment.
My short speech at the 2011 Galaxy Ball, Washington DC
This was my speech before the American Battlefield Monuments Commission on Memorial Day, 2011.
My most recent thoughts on the future and the concept of National Security.
My speech on China's Intelligence Operations before the US Congress, Joint Economic Committee.
My testimony before the President's Commission on the Moon, Mars, and Beyond

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February 18, 2013

Tags: space, planetary defense, civilization, NEO, near earth

Some time ago I recommended the establishment of a US Commission on Planetary Defense. I think it is about time. I cannot take credit for the 'legalese". The lawyers did that. Here is the text for review.



There is established in the legislative branch the (more…)

New battery power

March 31, 2011

Tags: technology

There are many new forms of batteries being developed. This is an interesting one. Researchers at Stanford University have developed a battery that takes advantage of the difference in salinity between freshwater and seawater to produce electricity, says Yi Cui, associate professor of materials science and engineering, who led the research team. The battery (more…)

Scientists harvest solar power - in the dark

March 27, 2011

Tags: technology

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho Falls are harnessing infrared radiation to produce a solar cell that will work even in the dark of night, UPI reports. (more…)

3-D Models Created by a Cell Phone

March 24, 2011

Tags: technology

Capturing an object in three dimensions needn't require the budget of Avatar. A new cell phone app developed by Microsoft researchers can be sufficient. The software uses overlapping snapshots to build a photo-realistic 3-D model that can be spun around and viewed from any angle. (more…)

Brain Computer Interface Plays Music

March 22, 2011

Tags: technology

A brain-computer interface (BCI) developed by composer and computer-music specialist Eduardo Miranda of the University of Plymouth, UK, working with computer scientists at the University of Essex, allows paralyzed patients to play music just by thinking about it. (more…)

Accelerating technologies will create a global state by 2050

March 18, 2011

Tags: future, civilization

This essay argues that the exponential rate of technical progress will create within 40 years an Internet that is a trillion times faster than today’s, a global media, a global education system, a global language, and a globally homogenized culture, thus establishing the prerequisites for the creation of a global democratic state, “Globa,” (more…)

A radical alternative to nuclear reactors

March 18, 2011

Tags: technology

March 15, 2011 by Amara D. Angelica

With deterioration of the nuclear reactor situation in Japan and radiation heading for Tokyo — in one extreme Pentagon scenario, catastrophic meltdowns and megadeaths in Japan, according to a source — many scientists are ramping up the search for alternates to earthquake-vulnerable nuclear power.

The introduction of human intelligence

December 19, 2010

Tags: technology, civilization

The introduction of human intelligence is a pivotal event in the history of the planet. Evolution's grandest creation -human intelligence- is providing the means for the next stage of evolution. This "next stage" was created by human intelligence itself, an example of the exponential engine of evolution using its innovations from one period (human (more…)

Future World: What will it be like?

November 28, 2010

Tags: future

The idea of self aware machines has inspired many Hollywood movies, but don't expect to see a robot with the desire to be human any time soon. The human brain is just too complex. For artificial intelligence to become a reality, much will need to be learned in the areas of psychology, neuroscience, cognitive (more…)