The Books of Ellen Williams & Steve Radlauer

About the Authors

Ellen Williams is the author of The Historic Restaurants of Paris, Picasso’s Paris, and the award-winning The Impressionists’ Paris. She edited Alexander Liberman’s The Artist’s Studio and Keith Haring’s Journals, and has written for Travel & Leisure, International Design Magazine and other publications. She grew up in Greenwich Village, where she lives with her daughter.

Steve Radlauer is the author or co-author of five books and numerous articles for a range of publications, including New York magazine, Esquire, Spy, the New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times. In addition, he writes and produces for film and television and has been a principal of two not-for-profit arts organizations. He is a native New Yorker.


By Ellen Williams
The Historic Restaurants of Paris
A guide to century-old cafes, bistros, and gourmet-food shops. Companion volume to The Historic Shops & Restaurants of New York.
The Impressionists' Paris
Walking tours of the artists' studios, homes, and the sites they painted—with 20 full-color reproductions, period cafe and restaurant recommendations, maps, and vintage photographs.
Picasso's Paris
Walking tours of the artist's life in the city, with full-color reproductions, period restaurant and café listings, maps,and archival photographs.

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