Ruth Anne Hammond

Infant/Toddler Development Consultant

Babies feel secure to explore with their parents nearby.

Even the youngest babies enjoy being together.

Snack time is all about important social learning -- and bananas!

Toddlers enjoy being outdoors -- and playing with colored water and household items.

Learning to share is a long process.


The RIE Manual for Parents & Professionals, Expanded Edition (2013)
A guide to RIE's Educaring™ Approach, edited by Magda Gerber, this classic was first published in 1979. It has been fully preserved, with almost 100 pages of new material from various authors added, edited by Deborah Greenwald with Joan Weaver.

Respecting Babies: A New Look at Magda Gerber’s RIE Approach
"Ruth Anne Hammond has captured Magda Gerber's unique voice within this compelling presentation of her own extensive experience in caring for infants and toddlers. Both that experience and her creative synthesis of Magda's ideas naturally emerge in this engaging and lively book. Respectfulness as a central perspective through which to view these caring relationships is richly and lovingly illustrated. Her book is a delight and there is much to be learned and enjoyed by anyone who cares for and about young children from her thoughtful and inspiring work."
–-Jeree Pawl, Ph.D., Past President, Zero to Three

Selected Works

Article: Educaring, Affective Neuroscience and Selective Intervention
This article ties together RIE's Educaring Approach with the new field of affective neuroscience to describe how RIE methods of infant care and education lead to self-regulation in babies and young children.
A guide for all those who take care of babies.

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