How Freud's early-life traumas led him to compromise psychoanalysis and affected the life you lead personally

A death-centered re-evaluation of the bible and religious beliefs

A narrative tale of how the human mnind works in the emotional domain

The basics of the new adaptive approach to emotional life

A book for both the general public and mental health professionals


Robert Langs, M.D.

Robert Langs, M.D. is a revolutionary psychoanalyst who is the author of 47 hands-on books on emotional life, the human condition, dreams, and the evolved design and operations of the emotion-processing mind. His books are written for both the general public and mental health professionals. They are distinguished by his highly original approach to the human mind and by the recognition of its extremely influential unconscious activities. Where present-day analysts stress the role of the satisfaction of inner needs and wishes in emotional life, Langs provides strong evidence that trauma and the threat of harm and death are the unconscious driving forces behind our most critical decisions and choices. In a clear and convincing manner his books show how death anxiety, which exists in three major forms, unconsciously motivates our most creative and most devastating actions and decisions.
Langs is an original voice that speaks plainly and practically of generally ignored issues that we are compelled to deal with on a daily basis. With great wisdom, he shows his readers how to deal effectively with the everyday and special challenges which has so much to say about the course of their lives.
If you are tired of, and disappointed with, cliched books about the human mind and emotional life, Langs offers a refreshing set of relevant, unique ideas and recommendations that marks a path to a better understand yourself and others--and to the vast rewards this kind of wisdom can bring.

Selected Works

How Freud's traumas and his uncoscnious death anxieties caused him to derail psychoanalytic thinking
This is a book of sound principles designed to safeguard therapy for both patients and therapists
The psychology of religion
A truly original and sound analysis and reinterpretation of religious doctrines and beliefs
Psychotheraapy, Counselling, and the Human mind
Rich in narrative and sound principles, the book argues for revisions in basic psychoanalytic thnking and our general understanding of the human mind and its challenges

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