Richard Chase Mears

Saint Nick and the Space Nicks

As St. Nick is delivering his toys on Christmas eve, a strange object pops into sight! After it crash-lands next to him, Santa discovers Venick from Venus. A strange purple creature with long purple hair! Venick is dressed exactly like St. Nick and tells him that while delivering his own toys on Venus, he tripped on a star and traveled from near to afar, ending up lost here on Earth. Fearing he will not be able to complete his task, he asks our Santa for help. When St. Nick says, yes, a whole new world of Christmas opens up to them!

Follow St. Nick and Venick as they travel through space and meet all of the 'Space Nicks'! It's an adventure you won't forget and reminds you that whenever you are lost:
"Look to the sky, to the heavens above,
There are billions of stars that sparkle with love!"

Selected Works

This is an American novel about five country children and a school-teacher who changes their lives and opens their minds through the writings of William Shakespeare. The story takes place during World War II (1944/1945) in the quaint fishing village of Solomons, Maryland. Teacher, Bessie McMath begins a log to record events of the town and of its people taken from the writings of her students through their interpretation of Shakespeare's works. The story ends when members of the Bard Club show their spunk and become national heroes due to a bizarre series of events that lead to the capture of a German submarine.
A thriller with all the characters you want to know and follow throughout this tale of suspense and intrigue. Well rounded like a fine wine.
Children's book
"St. Nick goes intergalactical... a hypothetical collaboration between Clement Clarke Moore, who wrote ‘The Night Before Christmas’, and the incomparable Dr. Suess."
--Berkshire Record, 11/26 – 12/2
Fictional Memoir
"... does what a good novel should, create character, evoke time and place, and examine moral character -- what the Mississippi was to Huck Finn, the Patuxent in Maryland is to Ebb."
--The Los Angeles Times

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