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I am wearing a helmet because sparks fly. Some have even burned holes in my socks! (photo by Bob Hutt, Burbank Tournament of Roses Association)

Now this is a serious welding helmet. Problem is, it may taunt the Sparks God.

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Monster Attack Bug welded by La Vergne Rosow
If this Monster Attack Bug were used as a writing prompt, would you give it a name or ask the writers to identify it?

Writing Prompts - Do they matter?

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That was my comment about the prompt.
Sept. 25

I would ask each student to give me a name for the writing prompt, making it personal to them.

When students are assigned time to write, does it matter what they are told to write about or is just the act of writing sufficient use of school writing time?

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Professor Rosow
wow WOW again this website is Fantastic! I seem very boring compared to you, You are an inspiration! It is reflective of your personality, positive, up-beat and progressive.


Literacy volunteering is wonderful work.

Keep me posted,

La Vergne

Hello Doc Rosow,

Your website is quite impressive. You inspire me to do more and I would like to start by becoming a literacy volunteer.

with love,
Lori Penna

It's very interesting web site I can imagun you did loots work Thank you for that With love your disable student Armen JAvadyan Class E-28 LAVC

Arment, it is great to hear from you!

La Vergne

I love your web site Doc. It explains to the viewers a little bit about yourself. Thanks a lot. --Kristine Ovsepyan, USA Woodcraft Rangers

Hey! Keep up the great work with Woodcraft Rangers!

La Vergne

I really like your web site. My name is Abul Bashar english 28 on Wednesday class .

Hello, Abul. Thanks for stopping by.

La Vergne

Hi La Vergne, Your website is very nice...You are so well rounded. I enjoyed meeting you at this past SCBWI and I will email you soon. Do you want to start a critique group? Take care... Myisha

Myisha, it is great to find your name here. Have you finished your Great American Novel yet?

La Vergne

I like it very much!
-- Susie from Idaho

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