Conservation Development

Many land trusts around the country have participated in conservation development projects: projects that incorporate some form of development as a means to pay for conservation of an open space portion of a property. The roles land trusts take in such projects range from accepting donated open space or conservation easements on open space within developments to actively advising and partnering with other organizations and developers and even purchasing, designing and developing properties, themselves.

For the last year, Story and her research assistants have gathered a comprehensive collection of data and case studies on this topic. She will present her analysis and conclusions in upcoming publications and presentations. Stay tuned!

Selected Works

A clear, well-written overview of the basics of conservation finance with useful insights and real stories that combine to create an invaluable and accessible guide for land trusts seeking to protect more land.
Innovative Technology
An exciting mobile app that transforms any excursion into a multidimensional and entertaining learning experience, at the listener's own pace better than a tour guide!
Magazine Articles
Fundraising Wisdom in Saving Land, Winter 2009
In Conservation Biology, August 2011, co-written with Jeffrey C. Milder.
Online Articles
Several articles recently published on this new conservation finance web site.
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