A Field Guide To Conservation Finance, Volume II


Philanthropic Capital for Conservation
- Innovative Fundraising & Philanthropy
- Trade Lands
- Conservation Buyers
- Multiple Bottom Line Funding

Private Capital for Conservation
- Revenue from Fees
- Conservation Development
- Compensatory Payments - Wetlands Mitigation & Single Function Trading
- Compensatory Payments - Relicensing & Other Damage Payments
- Carbon Markets
- Income from Conservation Land
- Conservation Investors

Using Debt for Conservation
- Conservation Lenders & Guarantors
- Long Term Debt & Patient Capital

Completing the Picture
- Conservation Finance for Landowners
- Innovations in Conservation Finance
- Summary of International Conservation Finance

New Ideas & Innovations in Conservation Finance

Conservation finance, innovations, case studies, and questions are

I spend my days researching and developing new conservation finance techniques. My goals are to learn and share. Along the way, I like to try out innovations myself. I am currently developing a conservation investment fund and a conservation phone application.

I talk to land trusts, investors, funders and researchers. I am always looking for interesting case studies especially from mid-size and small land trusts because I think smaller organizations attempting bigger challenges is particularly inspirational. I like to hear about difficulties and setbacks as well as successes because we learn from those, too. Any conservation innovation is interesting to me.

Topics to be discussed in Volume II of A Field Guide To Conservation Finance are on the left column. Please offer here:

- Any stories or case studies about using any of these conservation finance
tools or variations (see list on left)
- Other conservation finance tools
- Suggestions of other ways to raise or leverage funds for conservation

Thank You!

In resort areas particularly, open space is a valuable commodity and can be leased out with little impact for such recreational activitites as ballooning (as pictured here near Teton Village, WY).

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I'm very impressed with what I have read of your book, and I believe it, and others like it, would be helpful internationally. When will it be translated into Mandarin? I am an Environmental Attorney in California planning a sabbatical in Chengdu, China, for a year with my wife and family, and would love to discuss how we might collaborate with either CI or THC while there. We will be staying at my wife's family's home n. of Jackson 4/4 to 4/8. My name is Michael Roemer, email Would welcome any advice or ideas you might have.

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Selected Works

A clear, well-written overview of the basics of conservation finance with useful insights and real stories that combine to create an invaluable and accessible guide for land trusts seeking to protect more land.
Innovative Technology
An exciting mobile app that transforms any excursion into a multidimensional and entertaining learning experience, at the listener's own pace better than a tour guide!
Magazine Articles
Fundraising Wisdom in Saving Land, Winter 2009
In Conservation Biology, August 2011, co-written with Jeffrey C. Milder.
Online Articles
Several articles recently published on this new conservation finance web site.
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