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This article gives much information on how to grow slipper orchids and all other orchids with modest light requirements under artificial lights, like Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchids) and most miniature orchids.
For increasing numbers of indoor gardeners, its a wonderful, but highly infectious, affliction.
The most comprehensive book available on these highly popular orchids!
The Best Selling Book on Orchids!
Explore the sensual world of fragrant orchids.
At last a new book on these popular group of space-saving orchids

Will be published in Summer of 2007 by Timber Press.

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Over 325 gorgeous images--over 500 orchids profiled.

Although miniature orchids have been grown and admired for quite some time, they have, until recently, been a very small niche market. This situation has changed rapidly as some of the most popular new orchids today are miniatures. Examples are multi-floral and miniature phalaenopsis (better suited as a pot plant then the standard larger white and pink hybrids); miniature and equitant oncidiums; small growing primary paphiopedilum hybrids, including some of the parvisepalum and the brachypetalum species and hybrids; “minicatts” that are now are in higher demand than their space-hogging full-sized plants; and many different color forms of dwarf dendrobiums like Den. kingianum and other very compact growing selections of Dendrobium phalaenopsis are now coming into the US market. Vandaceous miniatures using ascocentums have always been popular, but now newer hybrids using Neofinetia falcata, and dwarf angraecoids are producing a new range of charming and fragrant orchids. Even the more esoteric genera that contain many different miniatures, suited for growing in terrariums, including Maxillaria, Masdevallia, Pleurothallis, Bulbophyllum, Lepanthes, and Dracula are receiving much more attention in popular orchid literature and at orchid shows. These orchids and many others will be featured in this new book.

Table of Contents

Introduction To Miniature Orchids

Chapter 1: Miniature Orchids from A to Z
Profiles of Selected Miniature orchids

Chapter 2: The Basics of Miniature Orchid Cultivation

Chapter 3: Buying Miniature Orchids.



Alpha list of all Orchids by Scientific Name

Appendix A: Orchids Listed by Size
Appendix B: Orchids Listed by Ease of Culture
Appendix C: Orchids Listed by Light Requirements
Appendix D: Orchids Listed by Temperature Preferences
Appendix E: Orchids Listed by Season of Bloom
Appendix F: Miniature Orchids that are Fragrant
Dendrobium Iki

Ascocentrum ampullaceum

I GIVE ILLUSTRATED ORCHID LECTURES Topics include: Fragrant Orchids Miniature Orchids The New Phalaenopsis The Basics of Orchid Parenthood (Orchids for Beginners) Choice Mexican Orchid Species. Please contact me (link below)for more details.

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