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Military Historian Frank E. Vandiver has written and edited numerous books and more than one hundred scholarly articles and reviews on the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and other conflicts.

In addition to teaching and writing, the author has had an extensive and distinguished career in academic administration. Vandiver served as President of Texas A&M University form 1981-1988. He is President Emeritus of Texas A&M University where he currently holds the distinction of being the first Distinguished University Professor (1988). He currently holds the John H. and Sara Lindsey Chair in Humanities. Vandiver also has served as Chancellor and President of North Texas State University. At Rice University, he held the positions of Professor of History, Chairman of the History and Political Science Department, Provost and Vice President, and Acting President. In 1997-1998 Dr. Vandiver served as Acting President of the American University in Cairo. He continues to be a member of the AUC Advisory Board.

In 1961, Dr. Vandiver gave an address "The Making of a President: Jefferson Davis, 1861," honoring the 100th anniversary of the inauguration of Davis as president of the Confederacy. This address was published by the Virginia Civil War Commission. Dr. Vandiver notes an interesting meteorological coincidence: it was raining the day Davis made his inauguration speech, and it was raining the day the author made his address commemorating that inauguration!

Dr. Vandiver taught at Oxford University as the Harmsworth Professor of American History, 1963-64. His inaugural lecture at Oxford was entitled "Jefferson Davis and the Confederate State." In 1972-74 he taught at the United States Military Academy as Visiting Professor of American History.

Vandiver's lifelong interest in military history began when his mother gave him a copy of Henry Kyd Douglas's I Rode with Stonewall. 1941

His current projects include books on how the U.S. goes to war and a biography of Field Marshal Douglas Haig.

Selected Works

Their Tattered Flags - The Epic of the Confederacy
"Written with warmth and understanding, Frank E. Vandiver's Their Tattered Flags is a first-rate contribution to the story of the Civil War."-Bruce Catton "A Southern mirror to Bruce Catton's splendid books on the Civil War. . .written with the pace of a Confederate infantry charge."-Robert K. Massie "This is a balanced, spirited and objective account of a great and tragic episode in our history. It reflects the wide reading and research, and deep meditation that Professor Vandiver has for years given to the subject." - T. Harry Williams
Shadows of Vietnam - Lyndon Johnson's Wars
"...with solid original research, a fine, lucid style, and a compelling you-are-there feeling for people and situations...Shadows of Vietnam corrects some of our coarser caricatures of Johnson and his stewardship of the war without ever becoming an apologia for him...We are in Vandiver's debt for this rich chronicle of how Johnson-and America-got to that tragic pass."-Peter Goldman, contributing editor, Newsweek
Mighty Stonewall
"A definitive biography of the great military genius, this will stand out as a brilliant study of strategy and tactics in those campaigns in which the Army of the Shenandoah bore the brunt."-Kirkus Reviews "Vandiver's study combines exhaustive scholarship, a firm understanding of warfare, and a genuine feeling for Jackson's complex personality."-David Donald, New York Herald Tribune
Black Jack - The Life and Times of John J. Pershing
Dr. Vandiver's detailed, deeply researched biography evokes Pershing on both the personal and professional levels...[His]study is the best and most complete we are likely to have." - Los Angeles Times Book Review
Military History
Blood Brothers: A Short History of the Civil War
"Frank Vandiver continues to amaze me. he has done it again. Blood Brothers isa gem. The book bristles with bold insight, especially about the impact of the war on the American nation..."-Emory Thomas
1001 Things Everyone Should Know About the Civil War
"a perfect primer for the novice-and quircky enough to entertain aficionados," -The Business Journal. "1001 Things rarely wastes words and has achieved balance by treating naval, civilian, and medical matters in addition to purely militray aspects of the war."-Webb Garrison.
1001 Things Everyone Should Know About World War II
"Noted historian Frank E. Vandiver presents 1001 key facts about the momentous global conflict that raged through Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and across oceans, profoundly shifting the course of Western civlization."-Publisher.

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