Richard Jackson

Acts of Mind: Conversations with Contemporary Poets

CHOICE Award Book

Included are Stan Plumly, Mark Strand, James Wright, James Tate, Heather McHugh, WS Merwin, Michael Harper, David Ignatow, John Ashbery, Jean Valentine, Miller Wiliams, Carole Muske, Marvin Bell, Dara Wier, Richard Wilbur, Donald Finkel, Linda Pastan, Robert Creeley,Donald Hall, John Hollander, Stanley Kunitz, Maxine Kumin, Philp Booth, Robert Pack, Daniel Epstein, David St John, Robert Penn Warren, AR Ammons, William Stafford, Fred Chappell

Selected Works

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Isn't everything and everyone from a place they are no longer at, that is, out of place?
January 2010, Ashland Poetry Press. Cover by Metka Krasovec, Slovenia.
Puddinghouse Chapbook, 2004
Juniper Prize Winning Book from UMass Press, 2000
Sonnets and a Canzone based on Petrarch's Rime Sparse
Translations of Jackson's poems into Slovene
hand sewn and printed, Flagpond Press, 2002
Limited Edition, Aureole Press, 1999, Pterarchan Poems
Cleveland State University Press, 1992
U of Alabama Press Prize Winner
Grove Press, 1983
Poetry Translation
Translated with Susan Thomas and Deborah Brown
Translation of book of poems by Alexsander Persolja
50 Slovene Poets, facing Slovene
Aleph Press, Ljubljana, 1993
30 Interviews, U of Alabama Press, 1983 Choice Award
Philosophical essays on 6 poets, U of Alabama Press, 1987 Agee Award