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As a teacher and the author of children’s books, I would like to hear from classroom literature experts: TEACHERS AND LIBRARIANS. On my book blog we can share the titles and information about books we have successfully used in our classrooms.
Books you recommend should blend into the curriculum or be an enjoyable read for the students. Please send author Tekla White, tnwrites@​gmail.com, an email with your email address, name and school. Indicate if you are a teacher, librarian or both. Please list the grade level. Add (T.R.) if this is a book that the teacher or librarian would read to the class, or if it is a book students read independently, (I.R.). In a few words, please state the theme or curriculum connection.
I will post the information and add activities for some of the suggested books. You are welcome to send activities as well.
Class discussion and enjoyment to encourage reading are the principle goals of this site.
Every two months, beginning in October, a name of one of the contributors will be draw for a free classroom or SKYPE visit by Tekla White, or for a book if you prefer. If you are located over 100 miles from the Davis/​Woodland area, I will visit with SKYPE. Each time you send the information about a book or an activity, your name will be entered in the drawing.

Send your book favorites to Tekla tekla@​teklawhite.org . Be sure to include your name, school and email address. Visit the book blog, Books, Books, Books. The entire blog post or activity files can be copied. All activity documents are available under Classroom Resources in the upper left corner of my blog.

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The Blue Roses

June 1, 2017

Tags: Nasturtiums, lupines, marigolds, pansies, Native American

When Rosalie couldn’t say the word grandfather, she shortened the word to Papa. Her Native American grandfather gave her the name Rosalie. He planted a rosebush underneath her bedroom window. From her grandfather, Rosalie learned to plant vegetables in straight rows. When a neighbor said he had a green thumb and the little (more…)

Covered Wagons, Bumpy Trails

April 1, 2017

Tags: Covered Wagons, Picture Book, Pioneer Days

Covered Wagons, Bumpy Trails
By Verla Kay
Illustrated by S.D. Schindler

The story begins with the author’s note which describes the journey.
Then, Verla’s poetic voice carries young readers on a wagon train heading west. Her enchanting, sparse words bring the journey to life. It’s a delightful read aloud. The (more…)

The War That Saved My Life

October 14, 2016

Tags: World War Two

The War That Saved My Life
By Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Ada was born in London with a deformed club foot. Her Mam kept her hidden in a room in their apartment. She didn’t allow her to go outside with her younger brother, Jamie. Mam physically beat Ada or punished her by putting her (more…)

The Family Under the Bridge

February 13, 2016

Tags: hobo, Paris, cathedral, dry-cleaners, hyacinths, bouquets, starlings, buttresses, roguish gargoyles, quay

Armand, a hobo who lives under a Paris bridge, returns to his spot and finds three children in his camping place. Armand considers the children starlings, and he doesn’t wish to have anything to do with them at first. Armand changes his mind and considers the children and their mother his family.

Snakes and Weird Wizards

September 1, 2015

Tags: skink, gecko, tortoise, fake, wizard weird

Here’s Hank
Fake Snakes and Weird Wizards
By Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver
Published by Grosset and Dunlap
The Penguin Group

Lin and Henry wrote the Hank Zipzer, the World’s Greatest Underachiever, series. They are back again with Here’s Hank. The special feature of these books is the Dyslexie print that (more…)

San Francisco Earthquake

April 29, 2015

Tags: earthquake, San Francisco, collapsed, refugee shacks, investigated

The chapter headings are set as questions. One example asks, How Big Was the Earthquake? The questions and the Introduction guide readers through the destruction and difficult times for the residents in the city. The book answers many questions young readers would have about survival and needed basic necessities

Picture Book Mystery

April 25, 2015

Tags: Butler, Detective, Inspector, Jalopy, Kilt, Manor, Query. Vault, Wombat

Doug Cushman’s ABC Mystery follows Detective Inspector McGroom’s adventures one letter at a time to find the painting and the thief. Cushman's illustrations lead the reader through all the clues and add to the mystery.

Bird in a Box

December 3, 2014

Tags: Bird

The Story
In this outstanding middle grade novel, three young people, two living at the Mercy Home for Orphaned Negro Children, and one, Hibernia, the daughter of the Reverend C. Elias Tyson, are brought together to follow Joe Louis’ boxing matches in the 1930s. Will Joe Louis become the heavyweight boxing champion of the (more…)

Rude Dude's Book of Food

September 15, 2014

Tags: eternal, Mongols, Tarters, Macedonia, conquered

Rude Dude’s Book of Food
By Tim J. Myers
Illustrated by Jess Stuart Smiley

Beginning with a tale about Alexander the Great, Tim Myers guides middle grade and junior high school students on a fun-filled food tour. He dispels myths about our favorite foods, sprinkles in historic facts, and mixes it with information (more…)

With Open Hands

June 16, 2014

Tags: Mississippi, Georgia, Utah, California, Tennessee, Wyoming Territory, Texas, Mojave Desert, San Gabriel Mountains, Missionaries, Mormons, Californios

With Open Hands
By Jeri Chase Ferris
Illustrated by Ralph Ramstad

Biddy was born a slave in Georgia on August 15, 1818. She was separated from her parents and given or sold to John Smithson. She learned about slave life from Smithson’s other slaves. She found out all she could about plants that could be (more…)

Juvenile Historical Fiction
Based on the true story of a boy who wanted to fly his kite across the Niagara River to help build a bridge.
This is the story of the Native Americans and Franciscan Priests who lived near San Francisco Bay.